Keep the Faith, Change the Church.

Voice of the Faithful convenes to discuss church reform in abuse, finances / National Catholic Reporter

“We have found ourselves in another Earth-shattering moment,” said (Voice of the Faithful President Mary Pat) Fox, noting the onslaught of news about sex abuse and cover-ups revealed this year in Chile, via the Pennsylvania grand jury report, and accusations lodged against former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. (National Catholic Reporter)

While held amidst crisis, the date for the Voice of the Faithful conference here Oct. 6 couldn’t have been better.

Pope accepts Wuerl's resignation -- from The Boston Globe and The New York Times

Pope accepts resignation of Cardinal Wuerl amid abuse cover-up scandal

Pope Francis accepted the resignation Friday (Oct. 12) of Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl after he became entangled in two major sexual abuse and cover-up scandals and lost the support of many in his flock.

“But in a letter released by Wuerl’s office, Francis praised his longtime ally and suggested Wuerl had unfairly become a scapegoat, having made some ‘mistakes’ in handling sex abuse cases, but not having covered them up.

Synod English Groups: Abuse crisis undermines church 'in practically every way'

Naming some of the effects of abuse — “shattered trust, the trauma and lifelong suffering of survivors; the catastrophic failures in case management; the continued silence and denial” — the group added: “these issues cry out to be named openly by the Synod.” (National Catholic Reporter)

Two of the four working groups for English-speaking prelates at the worldwide meeting of Catholic bishops on young people have spent time considering the impact of clergy abuse scandals on the global church’s credibility.