Keep the Faith, Change the Church.

Prayer for the 2015 Family Synod

Lord God, we seek to follow the example of your Word, your Son and our Brother, Jesus.
We know from Him that your Holy Spirit is with us when we gather together in Your Name.

Therefore it is important to us that the community gathered in Your Name--Your Church--remains strong. That it engages with the world, your marvelous creation, and through that engagement inspires us and our children, grandchildren, and all generations that follow.

We believe that this is only possible for a Church that defines itself by what it stands for, rather than by what it stands against. A Church that measures itself by who it includes, rather than by who it excludes. A Church that shuns actions taken in darkness and exposes all of its actions, even its shortcomings, to the light.

We long for a Church which acknowledges the full value of all its people and bases its judgments on Your Word.

Please help us become that Church. Amen.

By Philip W. Megna, MA Theology, VOTF trustee

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