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Dublin Report: Latest Coverage

Press Release from VOTF Ireland
December 11, 2009

Here's a look at what the media are saying about the Dublin Report released on Nov. 26, 2009:

Catholic bishops apologise and beg for forgiveness
Belfast Telegraph – December 10, 2009

Vatican to issue ‘strong response’ on abuse report
Irish Times – December 8, 2009

More Irish bishops may be forced to retire
Irish Central (US) – December 8, 2009

Open letter to pope calls on pope to remove bishops –VOTF article
Irish Times – December 7, 2009

Irish bishop looks set to resign over abuse
Belfast Telegraph – December 7, 2009

Cardinal Brady urges accountability
Irish Times – December 5, 2009

Pope to get open letter on failing of bishops –VOTF article
Irish Independent – December 5, 2009

Conference of bishops to meet in wake of report
Irish Examiner – December 5, 2009

Government demands meeting with Papal Nuncio
Irish Examiner – December 4, 2009

Dublin Report asks: "When is a lie not a lie?"
National Catholic Reporter – December 1, 2009

Pope Benedict faces demands to dismiss Irish bishops – VOTF article
The Guardian UK – November 29, 2009

Vatican should apologise
BBC - November 27, 2009

Irish Catholic Church covered up abuse
Los Angeles Times - November 27, 2009

Irish bishops faulted
Boston Globe/ Associated Press - November 27, 2009

Roman Catholic Church sex scandals
Reuters News Service – Brief History