Keep the Faith, Change the Church.

National Staff

Staff members carry out the daily operations needed to coordinate the activities of an internationally dispersed membership, to publicize VOTF initiatives, to implement policies approved by the National Officers and members, to maintain member records and communication systems, and to conduct all the appropriate legal and financial activities of a non-profit. Staff also support the working groups and all VOTF programs.

The Executive Director of the organization reports to the VOTF President and to the Board of Trustees.

The Director supervises staff members who work out of National Headquarters in Needham MA and from various off-site locations.

Key personnel:

Donna B. Doucette, Executive Director

Nick Ingala, Communications Director

Barbara Lapinskas, Membership Coordinator

Margaret Roylance, Vice President, Board of Trustees, Development Team

Chris Doyle, Database Supervisor

Sandra Guynn, Database (dioceses) Specialist

Bev Spencer, Data Entry Specialist

Siobhan Carroll, In the Vineyard Editor

Baumann & Baumann CPAs, Comptroller