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Planning for the Future: Message on Dues

To remain financially viable, Voice of the Faithful relies on regular electronic and postal solicitations for contributions as well as voluntary dues payments. We hope that all members will make annual dues payments and that those who can afford to do so will make additional contributions through solicitations issued during the year.

Annual dues are $50 per individual or $85 per couplePayment of the dues will entitle a member to vote in the national election of trustees as well as in any other national election which might be heldThese members will be called “Voting Members." All others will be called “Members," but they will not be eligible to vote. 

On an annual basis, VOTF will notify its members of the costs and payment date for dues. VOTF’s database records all contributions by members and will be the official reference for these payments. 

To make a dues payment, click here to pay online or mail in your payment to P.O. Box 423, Newton, MA 02464.