Keep the Faith, Change the Church.

Voices in Action

VOTF as facilitator of inter-organization dialogue and activities

While faithfully maintaining our allegiance to the mission, goals, and identity statement of VOTF, we propose to develop collaborative actions with other Catholic groups in order to effectively nurture meaningful reform
in the spirit of Vatican II.

Begin the process of reaching out to other Catholic organizations in order to form relationships that will lead to networking. Goal is to contact 15 organizations by December 2009, with a networking success rate of 25%.

  • Develop Guiding Principles for networking with other reform organizations.
  • Identify potential partners, learn about their work, and evaluate common interests.
Maintain records on efforts to work with other organizations.

  • Generate information useful for additional contacts or future work.
  • Serve as a resource for other platforms seeking to develop collaborative relationships.
Team Leaders
Tom Dowling
Janet Hauter
Elia Marnik
Hugh O’Regan
Sheila Peiffer
Susan Vogt
To volunteer or to obtain more information, email Sheila Peiffer at