In the Vineyard :: April 20, 2012 :: Volume 12, Issue 8

Why You Do Not Want to Miss the 10th Year VOTF Conference! (continued)

My three compelling reasons that you do not want to miss the conference in Boston September 14-15?

The first reason stems from the naysayers who proclaimed that we wouldn’t last. But, here we are, 10 years later and going full tilt!

We need to take stock and give thanks to the Spirit for all of the people who have given freely of their talent, gifts and boundless energy. We have faced many challenges. But by sticking together and refusing to give up, we have accomplished much in the name of justice for survivors of sexual abuse and healing and reform within our church. It is a time to celebrate our nascent organization and renew our commitment to become a part of the history still being made.       

We’re all tired. Our work has consumed hours of our personal lives, has wrought frustration by the bishops’ ongoing bad behavior, has caused sleepless nights and, at times, has caused us to question our own sanity. We need to be in each other’s presence and be nourished. We need to shore each other up and rejuvenateour very souls, for the work that lies ahead. That’s my reason #2.

Finally, during these past 10 years, we have collectively moved through many emotional stages, anger being one of the most predominant feelings. But now it is time to seek real healing. We are ready to help bring that reality to fruition. We are at a place on our journey where, what Fr. Jim Connell, one of our conference speakers, so aptly states, we can accept no less than the “knowledge and understanding of the truth (the absence of all forms of falsehood and deception) [that] stand as prerequisites for justice. In short, no truth, no justice; no justice, no healing; no healing, no peace.”

Some of our speakers will be addressing VOTF for the first time. Others have shared their wisdom with us before. ALL of them will be saying something new. Each of them will shine a light on the path that we have chosen to lead us to a new level of awareness and work. 

We are poised on the threshold of a new decade during which we will accelerate as we unveil bold, new initiatives that will move us swiftly toward fulfilling our Mission and Goals.

See you in September.

Jayne O’Donnell
Trustee/Conference Chair


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