In the Vineyard :: September 24, 2016 :: Volume 16, Issue 18

Australian Survey Builds on VOTF Model (continued)

In our Chicago project, some users skipped it while others did suggest candidates. Among the latter group, some wanted an archbishop similar to Cardinal George, but many more wanted a return to the style of Cardinal Bernardin. In Archbishop Cupich, it would seem that most Chicago Catholics are happy with the bishop Pope Francis has given them.

In July, VOTF’s president, Mary Pat Fox, wrote to the new Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Christophe Pierre, to welcome him and apprise him of our Bishop Selection Committee.  In acknowledging her letter, he thanked her “for informing me about the work of VOTF’s Bishop Selection Committee and its Chair, Mr. John Doyle, and rest assured that what you have shared has been duly noted.”

Finally, the Pope’s ‘C9’ cardinals resumed their meetings with him Sept. 13-15, the manner of the selection of bishops being on the agenda among other items. In this regard, VOTF was gratified by the positive response that Cardinal O’Malley twice gave to recommendations our Committee made to him on this issue.

Learn more about our bishop selection program and the web portal.

On Sept. 17, Pope Francis called bishop selection a key issue for lay people.


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