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The Clergy Abuse Scandal Has Hit the Top: Where Do We Go from Here?

March 16, 2010 – Boston—The clergy sexual abuse crisis that shook the very foundations of the Catholic Church in America has now reached global proportions. As many suspected all along, despite what we had been told, this horrific scandal was never a United States problem or an Irish problem, or an Australian problem or a German problem. It is a global problem that we now know extends even to the Vatican.

News Release from: Voice of the Faithful - Ireland

The moral authority of the papacy in Ireland, and of Catholic bishops here, is likely to collapse if the promised papal pastoral letter to Ireland does not squarely address the issue of the widespread cover up by bishops of the outrage of clerical child sexual abuse.

Despite the strong leadership shown by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin, the prestige and authority of Catholic bishops in Ireland, and of the papacy, continue to decline in the wake of the Murphy report of November 26, 2009.

Press Release - VOTF Statement on Bishop Murray Resignation

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December 17, 2009– Boston –The resignation of Bishop Donal Murray in Ireland is one of the few times a bishop has stepped down after failing to protect children from sex abuse by priests in the Catholic Church. We believe that such accountability is required of any bishops, in Ireland and elsewhere, who have failed in their responsibilities as pastors and leaders of our Church.

News Release from: Voice of the Faithful - Ireland

It is too early to be sure that the Holy See has absorbed the full import of the Murphy report on clerical child abuse in the Archdiocese of Dublin.  We are disappointed especially to hear nothing about the necessary resignations of those bishops who while in service in the Dublin archdiocese failed to challenge a cover-up culture that led to unspeakable harm to many children.  We are disappointed also that there is no reference to the failure of the Holy See to respond to requests from the Dublin Commission of Inquiry for cooperation with it.


Voice of the Faithful confused by recent actions of the Vatican

October 26, 2009 – Boston – We applaud the recent news from the Vatican reaching out to our anguished brothers and sisters in the Anglican community and expressing its willingness to receive their married priests and seminarians into communion with the Latin rite church. Yet we are also perplexed by the Vatican’s apparent unwillingness to reach out to the tens of thousands anguished members in its own faith community, an anguish caused by the increasing shortage of priests.